Hyoungsik Choi

Ph.D. Candidate

Flight Dynamics and Control Laboratory, FDCL

Division of Aerospace Engineering

School of Mechanical Aerospace & Systems Engineering

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KAIST

Office: KARI(Korea Aerospace Research Institute)

E-mail: chs@kari.re.kr

Tel: +82-42-860-2244


Mar. 1990 ~ Feb. 1993
Gimcheon High School, Kyeongbuk
Mar. 1993 ~ Feb. 2000
B.S., Major: Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, University of Ulsan, Ulsan
- B.S. Research: Development of helicopter linear modeling and hovering control Law, Advisor: cheolkeun, Ha
Mar. 2000 ~ Feb. 2002
M.S., Major: Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, University of Ulsan, Ulsan
- M.S. Research: Design of Autolanding Guidance and Control System using Model inversion(singular perturbation, nonlinear dynamic inversion, aircraft), Advisor : cheolkeun, Ha
Sep. 2006
Helicopter Pilot Shool (32hr flight time)
Sep. 2007 ~
Ph. D. Student, Advisor: Shim, Hyunchul

Work Experiences

Jan. 1995 ~ Jul. 1997
Republic of Korea Air Force, NIKE ground to air missile, Pohang
Mar. 2002 ~ Feb. 2004
KARI, Naviagion and Control Group,
* Project: Development of Rotorcraft HILS(2002~2004)   - Research: Modeling/real-time Simulation, single rotor helicopter
Mar. 2004 ~ Jan. 2005
KARI, Naviagion and Control Group,
* Project: SMART UAV(2003~2006)   - Research: Modeling/Simulation of tilt-rotor aircraft
Jan. 2005 ~ Mar. 2006
KARI, Air Navigation System Group,
* Project: Development of KA-32T full flight simulator(2004~2008)   - Research: Modeling of coaxial helicopter   - Research: Real-time Simulation using FlightLab with NLR   - Research: Flight Testing of KA-32T helicopter with NLR
Mar. 2006 ~ Nov. 2006
KARI, Flight Control and Avionics Group,
- Promoted Senior Researcher
Nov. 2006 ~ Jan. 2009
KARI, Advanced Flight Control Team,
* Project: Controller for helicopter FBW actuator(2007~2009)   - Research: Electrohydraulic actuator modeling and control
Jan. 2009 ~ Apr. 2010
KARI, Air traffic and Flight Control Team,
* Project: Parameter identificatin of KUH(2007~2011)   - Research: modeling, Linear/Nonlinear Parameter identification
Apr. 2010 ~
KARI, Flight Control team,
* Project: Research for Electric Aircraft(2010~2012)   - Research: Nonlinear contoller(TDC) design for Aircraft Auto-Landing

Research Topics

Helicopter/Rotorcraft Flight Mechanics

Flight Simulation, HILS, Simulator

Model Based Design


Nonlinear Control