Jaehyun Lee

Ph.D. Candidate

Flight Dynamics and Control Laboratory, FDCL

Division of Aerospace Engineering

School of Mechanical Aerospace & Systems Engineering

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KAIST

Office: #4315, Aerospace Engineering Bldg, (N7-2)

E-mail: jamie_lee@kaist.ac.kr


Mar. 2003 ~ Feb. 2006
Mannyon High School, Daejeon
Mar. 2007 ~ Feb. 2013
B.S., Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Northumbria Univ., Newcastle, U.K.
Sep. 2014 ~ Sep. 2015
M.S., Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Southampton Univ., Southampton, U.K.
Mar. 2016 ~ Feb. 2020
Ph.D., Division of Aerospace Engineering, KAIST, Daejeon

Work Experiences

Jan. 2013 ~ Apr. 2014
Employee of Machinery Engineering Team, Hankooktire, Daejeon
Sep. 2011 ~ May. 2012
Media of Premier League, Ilgan Sport Newspaper, U.K.

Research Topics

Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle

Tactical Maneuvering of Unmanned Aerial Combat Vehicles