Jaehyun Lee




Ph.D. Student

Flight Dynamics and Control Laboratory

Division of Aerospace Engineering

School of Mechanical Aerospace & Systems Engineering

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Office: 4315, N7 Bldg., KAIST

E-mail : jamie_lee@kaist.ac.kr





Mar.2003. - Feb.2006.

Mar.2007. - Feb.2013.

Sep.2014. - Sep.2015.

Mar.2016. -     



Mannyon High School, Daejeon

B.S., Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Northumbria Univ., Newcastle, U.K.

M.S., Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Southampton Univ., Southampton, U.K.

Ph.D., Division of Aerospace Engineering, KAIST, Daejeon



Work Experiences


Jan.2013. - Apr.2014.

Sep.2011. - May.2012.



Employee of Machinery Engineering Team, Hankooktire, Daejeon

Media of Premier League, Ilgan Sport Newspaper, U.K.



Research Topics


- Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle

- Tactical Maneuvering of Unmanned Aerial Combat Vehicles