Unmanned System Research Group (USRG)
무인 시스템 및 제어 연구실

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Welcome to homepage nestled now at KAIST since Spring 2007. We are interested in the research and development of highly advanced autonomous aerial robots by combining various principles of control theory, aerospace engineering, and computer science. Our effort hopefully will lead to the development of unprecedented groups of intelligent UAVs in near future.


Hierarchical Flight Control System Synthesis for Rotorcraft-based Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

혼자서 척척, 무인자동차(웅진다책)




Previous videos

Flight Test of UCAV1303 (MP4, 7.9MB)

Xplane Hughes 500D Full Auto Landing(246.8MB)

UAVGP AVIC CUP( 21.09.2011 ~ 25.09.2011, Aviation Museum in Beijing, China)(136MB)


Automatic Landing Simulation (33.1MB)

Transition Flight Test ( 2.49MB)

Unmanned Ground Vehicle Test (6.23MB)

Autonomous Formation Flight-Leader Fellow Test (5.53MB)

Multi-UAV Experiment (12MB).

Vision-based landing using a net (5.4MB).

Vision-based landing using a Landing Dome (12MB).

2007 UAV Competition Video (18MB) .

MAE405 System Design I video (34MB) .




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