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Students in Ph.D. Degree course

이다솔, 오현찬 (Fall 2015~)

정성구, 이재현 (Spring 2016~)

이한섭 (Spring 2017~)

김태진 (Fall 2017~)

정찬영 (Spring 2018~)

류상규 (Fall 2018~)

Students in Master's Degree course

위인환, 이대규 (Spring 2018~)

김태연, 이승욱, 임현준 (Fall 2018~)


Ph.D Degree

윤선혜 (Fall 2008~2011)

최형식 (KARI) (Fall 2007~2011)
< Research on the UAV Model Based Design and Adaptive Control for Uncertain Dynamics>

윤상열 (LG) (Spring 2011~2013)
< Grid search based path plpanning for mobile robots with kinematics and shape constraints>

허성식 (KARI) (2009~2014)
< Vision and LIDAR-based Autonomous Navigation System for Indoor and Outdoor Flight of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles>

유동일 (ADD) (2010~2014)
< Design of an Aerial Combat Guidance Law using Virtual Pursuit Point Concept>

정연득 (KARI) (2010~2014)
< A Multimodal Flight Control Design and Flight Test of a Tail-sitter UAV>

양희돈 (Korea Polytechnics) (2008~2015)

이웅희 (NAVER LABS) (2011~2017)

이장호 (KARI) (2013~2017)

조성욱 (NearthLab 2012~2017)
< Research on the Image-based Visual Servoing Framework Considering the Aerial Manipulation>

신희민 (KARI)(2013~2018)
< Design of an Aerial Combat Algorithm Based on Basic Fighter Maneuvers and Reinforcement Learning>

Master's Degree

허성식 (Ph.D Alumni) (2007~2008)

유동일 (Ph.D Alumni) , 정연득 (Ph.D Alumni)(2008~2009)

문상우 (공군사관학교 교수요원)

오은미 (KARI), 조성욱 (Ph.D Alumni) (2010~2011)

이상협 (Hyundai Motors Group), 신희민 (Ph.D Alumni) (2011~2012)

정지원 (Ph.D Course), 김정운 (ADD) (2012~2013)

이다솔 (Ph.D Course) (2013~2014)

이석주 (Ph.D Course) (Fall 2013~2015)

송한준, 박성연 (2014~2015)

전다형 (Korean Air) (Fall 2014~2015)

유하람 (Timax Soft), 이한섭 (Ph. D Course) (Spring 2015~2016)

정석우 (LG Electronics) (Spring 2015~2017)

김현기 (KAI), 강재민 (Timax Soft), 정찬영 (Ph.D Course) (Spring 2016~2017), 홍준 (Fall 2015~ 2017)

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